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  • Strategic Partnerships | Northern Heartlands

    Strategic Partnerships Back to projects Text needed, images and/or logos We Need Your Support Today! Donate

  • Creativity in Crisis | Northern Heartlands

    Creativity in Crisis Back to past projects BLURB Project Gallery Green Man Project Green Man Project Willington Open Door Church6 Green Man Project 1/16 Thank you to our generous Funders: We Need Your Support Today! Donate

  • Social Prescribing | Northern Heartlands

    SOCIAL PRESCRIBING Back to projects Thriving Communities Believe Housing Project Gallery UTASS UTASS Jack Drum Arts UTASS 1/21 Thank you to our generous Funders: We Need Your Support Today! Donate

  • Believe Housing | Northern Heartlands

    believe housing Back to Social Prescribing We’ve extended our social prescribing activity to Bishop Auckland, thanks to funding from Believe Housing Association. ​ We’re currently running weekly sessions at The Four Clocks Centre from April to November 2022. Each session is led by an experienced creative practitioner with the assistance of a dedicated support worker, offering stability and a safe environment for the participants to relax, be creative and enjoy some social time with each other. Project Gallery Glass Painting Glass Painting Keepsake Boxes Glass Painting 1/7 Thank you to our generous Funders: We Need Your Support Today! Donate

  • Training Opportunities | Northern Heartlands

    Training Opportunities We don't currently have any training opportunities. Visit this site for other opportunities: Create North Throughout 2021, we hosted the County Durham Artists' Network. Click the link below to browse the various presentations that were delivered artists and organisations. Artists' Network We Need Your Support Today! Donate

  • TSF Evaluator | Northern Heartlands

    External Evaluator Teesdale Special Flora - Plants on the Edge Teesdale Special Flora Trust is offering the opportunity to tender for the external evaluation of its project ‘Plants On The Edge’ funded by the Green Recovery Challenge Fund. ​ The external evaluator will liaise closely with project partners and project officers and will report periodically to the Teesdale Special Flora Steering Group. ​ The evaluator will assess the impact of the project against the following outcomes: A wider range of people will be involved in nature Heritage will be in a better condition Heritage will be identified and better explained People will have developed skills People will have learnt about heritage, leading to change in ideas and actions A fee of £9000 is available inclusive of VAT and expenses. ​ Closing date for applications is 12.00 pm, Monday 14th February 2022 ​ A full brief including how to apply is available here . More information We Need Your Support Today! Donate

  • Thriving Communities | Northern Heartlands

    thriving communities Back to Social Prescribing Between May 2021 and June 2022 we ran a social prescribing project called ‘NOW’ - a programme of activities helping to support those living with anxiety, depression, loneliness or mental health issues. It was funded by the National Academy for Social Prescribing and Arts Council England’s pioneering ‘Thriving Communities Fund' We worked with three delivery partners: Jack Drum Arts , TCR The Hub and UTASS. Over the course of the programme, our partners delivered more than 130 activity sessions including canoeing, nature walks, dancing, filmmaking, creative writing, arts, and crafts, helping with community events and sometimes just getting together for a cup of tea and chat. Read the full evaluation report here. What is Social Prescribing? Find out here Project Gallery UTASS UTASS Jack Drum Arts UTASS 1/21 Thank you to our generous Funders: We Need Your Support Today! Donate

  • Plants on the Edge | Northern Heartlands

    Plants on the Edge Back to projects We’re delighted to be partnering with Teesdale Special Flora Trust in this exciting project funded by the government’s Green Recovery Challenge Fund through the National Lottery Heritage Fund. ​ The Trust was set up to continue the work of the inspiring and renowned botanist Dr Margaret Bradshaw who, at the age of 96, still leads walks, oversees monitoring and surveying activity and gives talks on the ‘Teesdale Assemblage’ – a collection of rare alpine plants unique to Upper Teesdale and threatened with decline as a result of climate change. ​ We are hosting Volunteer and Engagement Officer Naomi Priestley, who’s leading on schools workshops, a series of public talks and a touring exhibition. Thank you to our generous Funders: Project Gallery Teesdale's famous Spring Gentian (Gentiana verna) Model of the Spring Gentian by Yrs 3 & 4 at Middleton-in-Teesdale Primary Sugar limestone - a rare geological feature unique to Upper Teesdale Teesdale's famous Spring Gentian (Gentiana verna) 1/7 We Need Your Support Today! Donate

  • Artists' Space | Northern Heartlands

    Artists' Space Click on one of the options below to see resources and opportunities for Artists! Artist Call Outs Training Opportunities See creations from previous workshops in the gallery below! 1/15 We Need Your Support Today! Donate

  • Impact | Northern Heartlands

    The Difference We Make "I felt like I was really part of something very special." FOR INDIVIDUALS ​ We know that taking part in creative activities can improve people's confidence and wellbeing. Evaluation of our 2021-2 Thriving Communities wellbeing programme found statistically significant improvements in participants' life satisfaction and sense of doing worthwhile activities. ​ Read the full evaluation report (2022). ​ Participants in our projects often tell us they feel more confident and happier. People with chronic mental and physical health conditions tell us the activities can help to improve their quality of life. ​ "The group is more family than friends. I feel more confident and fulfilled, and have something to take my mind to a happy safe place. Something I want to get out of bed for." Creativity in Crisis participant feedback (2020). ​ IN COMMUNITIES Our staff and board are all local to this area and care about it passionately. We listen to people and work with them to create the culture they feel is important, which has been everything from a Christmas tree to an opera about regeneration. As well as performances, events and installations, our projects have supported people to start their own choirs, gardening projects and community groups. We also support the local economy by employing local artists, businesses, community groups and venues. Watch a film about our work in Dene Valley (2021) People tell us the creative activities make them feel differently about where they live: "It was lovely seeing the community engaging in a positive way. It was also evident that the local people share a real passion for the area." More Than Viable participant feedback (2019) ​ FOR ARTISTS Participatory and community-led creative practice requires skill, technique and experience. We value the amazing artists and creatives we work with, and aim to support emerging artists, giving people opportunities so they can make a living in this rural area. We work with local artists as much as possible, we pay Artists' Union recommended rates, and we provide training and networking opportunities to help build careers. ​ Watch a conversation between participatory artists about so-called 'hard to reach' communities (2020) ​ "[The training] helped clarify my thoughts about my work and express myself more clearly. It introduced new ideas about how to price applications and who I could apply to." Artists' Training & Development Network, participant feedback (2021) ​ ​ WORKING FOR CHANGE We know that change doesn't just happen from the grassroots, and that many of the issues people face are due to policy decisions made far away. This is why we work to improve connections between the arts and non-arts sectors, and share our learning about working with communities. We sit on regional groups and networks, our performances and films have been shown to policy makers and funders, and whenever possible we bring people face-to-face, so that those who make decisions can speak directly with those are affected by them. ​ Watch the film of a project that brought together farmers and conservationists (2021) ​ Our partners and stakeholders have included the Town and Country Planning Association, Durham County Council, Failte Ireland, North Pennines AONB, Natural England, Durham Dales Health Network, Tees Esk and Wear Valley NHS Trust, Durham University, Newcastle University, Believe Housing and Visit County Durham. ​ ​ We Need Your Support Today! Donate

  • Past Projects | Northern Heartlands

    Past Projects Back to projects Here you can find out all about our past projects. Creativity in Crisis Artists' Network Great Place Scheme We Need Your Support Today! Donate

  • ACE Q&A | Northern Heartlands

    Q&A with ACE Back to past projects Q&A with Gez Casey 00:00 / 40:18 Back to the Artists' Network Click below to listen to the Q&A with Gez Casey from the Arts Council about how to write a successful funding application. We Need Your Support Today! Donate

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