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  • Creativity in Crisis | Northern Heartlands

    Creativity in Crisis Back to past projects BLURB Project Gallery Green Man Project Green Man Project Willington Open Door Church6 Green Man Project 1/16 Thank you to our generous Funders: We Need Your Support Today! Donate

  • Plants on the Edge | Northern Heartlands

    Plants on the Edge Back to projects During 2022-2023 we partnered with Teesdale Special Flora Trust in this exciting project funded by the government’s Green Recovery Challenge Fund through the National Lottery Heritage Fund. ​ The Trust was set up to continue the work of the inspiring and renowned botanist Dr Margaret Bradshaw who, at the age of 96, still leads walks, oversees monitoring and surveying activity and gives talks on the ‘Teesdale Assemblage’ – a collection of rare alpine plants unique to Upper Teesdale and threatened with decline as a result of climate change. ​ The project included schools workshops, a series of public talks and a touring exhibition. Thank you to our generous Funders: Project Gallery Teesdale's famous Spring Gentian (Gentiana verna) Model of the Spring Gentian by Yrs 3 & 4 at Middleton-in-Teesdale Primary Sugar limestone - a rare geological feature unique to Upper Teesdale Teesdale's famous Spring Gentian (Gentiana verna) 1/7 We Need Your Support Today! Donate

  • Artists' Space | Northern Heartlands

    Artists' Space Click on one of the options below to see resources and opportunities for Artists! Artist Call Outs Training Opportunities See creations from previous workshops in the gallery below! 1/15 We Need Your Support Today! Donate

  • ACE Q&A | Northern Heartlands

    Q&A with ACE Back to past projects Q&A with Gez Casey 00:00 / 40:18 Back to the Artists' Network Click below to listen to the Q&A with Gez Casey from the Arts Council about how to write a successful funding application. We Need Your Support Today! Donate

  • Turning the Hourglass | Northern Heartlands

    Here you can find out all about our current projects. Turning the Hourglass “Turning The Hourglass” is funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation ‘Arts Access & Participation Fund’. We’re working with communities in the parish of Dene Valley and the village of Witton Park, listening to what local residents would like to see happen in their village, supporting exciting events such as the Dene Valley Winter Light Parade and a Hallowe’en Walk and enabling people to have the confidence to start making things happen for themselves. ​ Both places are former 'Category D' locations: villages destined for demolition when the pits closed and deemed worthy of no further investment. We started working in Witton Park in 2021 and we've been working with the community in Dene Valley since 2018, building on work we began as a Great Place Scheme. Read about our approach to this work here in a report by artist/researcher Stephen Pritchard. ​ Read the final evaluation report for Turning the Hourglass here. Back to projects Project Gallery Witton Park: Halloween Story Walk Witton Park: Halloween Story Walk Dene Valley: One Winter's Night Witton Park: Halloween Story Walk 1/39 "Mayhem, Magic & Majesty" Dene Valley & Eldon Lane Festive Light Parade 2022 "One Winter's Night..." Dene Valley & Eldon Lane Festive Light Parade 2021 Thank you to our generous Funders: "One Winter's Night ..." finalist for North East Culture Awards 2022 "Best Event or Exhibition" We Need Your Support Today! Donate

  • Past Projects | Northern Heartlands

    Past Projects Back to projects Here you can find out all about our past projects. Creativity in Crisis Artists' Network Great Place Scheme We Need Your Support Today! Donate

  • Our Mission | Northern Heartlands

    Our Mission... ... is to engage and support local people and communities by using creativity to develop agency, build social capital and foster individual potential. Communities and the artists we work with are at the heart of what we do. We know that people are the real experts in where they live, the issues they face and what needs to change, so we always start by listening. We trust in the skills and knowledge of creative practitioners because we have seen the incredible results, both artistically and for the lives of people who take part. We are committed to supporting the careers of artists in our region. The principles that guide us are set out below, with creativity at the heart of what we do. Our process is a circle because we know that change takes time and trust is hard to earn – so we are in it for the long term with the people, places and artists we work with. We are experimental, we are always trying to learn from successes and failures, and we share that learning. We want to extend understanding between people and across sectors. Our Vision OUR VISION is for strong, connected, and healthy communities, where people are actively involved in shaping their lives and their environment. We strive to achieve our Vision and Mission by: ​ Recognising that each place we work in, and each community we work with, is unique ​ Working with creative practitioners in everything we do ​ Ensuring we always work collaboratively with communities ​ Always reviewing, learning from, and adapting our approach and sharing our learning with others ​ Supporting artists and creative practitioners to reach their full potential ​ Working in partnership Our Way of Working Our Values WE WILL BE: ​ COMMITTED to what we do, to each other and to those we work with ​ TRUSTED by each other and by those we work with ​​ DIGNIFIED in our own actions and by respecting the dignity of everyone we work with ​ AMBITIOUS for ourselves, for our organisation and the places, the communities, and the individuals we work with ​ AUTHENTIC in all of our actions ​ HUMBLE in respecting and valuing the opinions and beliefs of others Our Way of Working We Need Your Support Today! Donate

  • Social Prescribing in Bishop Auckland | Northern Heartlands

    social prescribing in bishop auckland Back to Social Prescribing Our social prescribing activity continues in Bishop Auckland, thanks to funding from Believe Housing Association and Bishop Auckland & Shildon Area Action Partnership ​ We’re currently running weekly sessions at The Four Clocks Centre , every Thursday from 1.00 pm to 3.00 pm. Each session is led by an experienced creative practitioner with the assistance of a dedicated support worker, offering stability and a safe environment for the participants to relax, be creative and enjoy some social time with each other. As part of our weekly social prescribing programme at Four Clocks Centre, Professional animator, Sheryl Jenkins, worked with the group on producing a short animated film using characters and drawings created by them which articulate what these weekly creative sessions have come to mean to them. Project Gallery Model House and scenery Using tools to make a model house Felted Christmas decorations Model House and scenery 1/15 Thank you to our generous Funders: We Need Your Support Today! Donate

  • Hidden Heritage Evaluator | Northern Heartlands

    External Evaluator Hidden Heritage and Wellbeing We are delighted to have been awarded funding from National Lottery Heritage Fund for a new project, “Hidden Heritage & Wellbeing”, and we are now seeking an independent evaluator for this project. ​ The project will run from January 2022 to July 2023 and a final monitoring and evaluation report will need to be submitted by August 2023. The project will take place in Willington, County Durham. Key requirements of the role are: An understanding of community heritage and experience of evaluating heritage projects some evidence of understanding health and wellbeing outcomes The fee available for this work is £9,300 (inclusive of VAT and expenses) ​ Deadline for applications is 12.00pm, Monday 14th February 2022 ​ Full details are available here including background information and how to apply. More information We Need Your Support Today! Donate

  • More... | Northern Heartlands

    Policies Data Protection Policy Web.pdf Complaints Policy Web.pdf We Need Your Support Today! Donate

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