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Our Mission...

... is to engage and support local people and communities by using creativity to develop agency, build social capital and foster individual potential. 

Communities and the artists we work with are at the heart of what we do.

We know that people are the real experts in where they live, the issues they face and what needs to change, so we always start by listening. 

We trust in the skills and knowledge of creative practitioners because we have seen the incredible results, both artistically and for the lives of people who take part.

We are committed to supporting the careers of artists in our region.


The principles that guide us are set out below, with creativity at the heart of what we do.

Our process is a circle because we know that change takes time and trust is hard to earn – so we are in it for the long term with the people, places and artists we work with.

We are experimental, we are always trying to learn from successes and failures, and we share that learning.

We want to extend understanding between people and across sectors. 

Our Vision

OUR VISION is for strong, connected, and healthy communities, where people are actively involved in shaping their lives and their environment. We strive to achieve our Vision and Mission by:

  • Recognising that each place we work in, and each community we work with, is unique

  • Working with creative practitioners in everything we do

  • Ensuring we always work collaboratively with communities 

  • Always reviewing, learning from, and adapting our approach and sharing our learning with others

  • Supporting artists and creative practitioners to reach their full potential 

  • Working in partnership

Our Way of Working

Our Values


COMMITTED to what we do, to each other and to those we work with

TRUSTED by each other and by those we work with 


DIGNIFIED in our own actions and by respecting the dignity of everyone we work with

AMBITIOUS for ourselves, for our organisation and the places, the communities, and the individuals we work with 

AUTHENTIC in all of our actions 

HUMBLE in respecting and valuing the opinions and beliefs of others 

Our Way of Working

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