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  • Setting the Scene | Northern Heartlands

    Setting The Scene Back to projects Setting the scene is an Artist Residency in Coundon and Witton Park. As part of this residency, artists Ronan Devlin and Dominic Smith will set up space in community centres where you can come along and help form a creative community. It will be practical and involve creating audio content, recording the sounds in the environment, hosting interviews, recording musicians, and working towards making a radio broadcast. It will also involve making zines (small self-made books), posters, stickers and badges to create a scene that celebrates local culture. It forms part of our Creative Catalysts project that explores approaches and the features of practice that enable community connection. ​ There are two parts to Setting the Scene: ​ "Radio On" - exploring the audio ecology of both villages from brass bands to industry to the environment capturing sounds and stories across the generations. The material created will inspire the second part of the project as well as encouraging collaboration, building new skills and sparking imagination. ​ "Start the Press" - creating badges, stickers, posters and zones. These are not just random pieces of paper but invitations to join the conversation and a way for us to work together, developing ideas and themes. Together we will create art that speaks to and represents the community identity. ​ ​ Click the image to find out how "Setting the Scene" is progressing We Need Your Support Today! Donate

  • Artist Call Outs | Northern Heartlands

    Artist Call Outs Here you will find Artist call outs for projects we are delivering. We have one open call-out: Tees Swale Creatively Connected Call outs are often shared via our mailing list so make sure you subscribe using the form at the bottom of this page. We Need Your Support Today! Donate

  • TSF Evaluator | Northern Heartlands

    External Evaluator Teesdale Special Flora - Plants on the Edge Teesdale Special Flora Trust is offering the opportunity to tender for the external evaluation of its project ‘Plants On The Edge’ funded by the Green Recovery Challenge Fund. ​ The external evaluator will liaise closely with project partners and project officers and will report periodically to the Teesdale Special Flora Steering Group. ​ The evaluator will assess the impact of the project against the following outcomes: A wider range of people will be involved in nature Heritage will be in a better condition Heritage will be identified and better explained People will have developed skills People will have learnt about heritage, leading to change in ideas and actions A fee of £9000 is available inclusive of VAT and expenses. ​ Closing date for applications is 12.00 pm, Monday 14th February 2022 ​ A full brief including how to apply is available here . More information We Need Your Support Today! Donate

  • Artists' Network | Northern Heartlands

    Artists' Network Back to past projects Throughout April - September 2021, Northern Heartlands hosted the County Durham Artists' Network. These weekly, free sessions were a chance to hear from fellow creatives, regional arts organisations and take part in professional training sessions. Below is a collection of presentations that were delivered throughout during our meetings. The Creative Adventurer's Survival Guide East Durham Creates Website Fundamentals for Creatives Teesdale Artist Network Durham County Council Cumbria Arts and Culture Network Beamish Museum Northern Saints Trail Durham 2025: City of Culture Culture Durham Federation of Small Businesses Arts Council England The Network also received a number of training sessions to support the work of artists. These were delivered in a mixture of online and live sessions. Below you can find presentations from some of the training sessions. Website Creation and Development for Creative Practitioners Defining Your Why Finding and Getting funding for Arts Projects Q&A with Arts Council England If you are an Artist or Creative Practitioner and would like to be added to our Artists' mailing list, get in touch with other Artists or hear about new training or commission opportunities, get in contact by emailing We Need Your Support Today! Donate Thank you to our generous Funders:

  • Hidden Heritage Evaluator | Northern Heartlands

    External Evaluator Hidden Heritage and Wellbeing We are delighted to have been awarded funding from National Lottery Heritage Fund for a new project, “Hidden Heritage & Wellbeing”, and we are now seeking an independent evaluator for this project. ​ The project will run from January 2022 to July 2023 and a final monitoring and evaluation report will need to be submitted by August 2023. The project will take place in Willington, County Durham. Key requirements of the role are: An understanding of community heritage and experience of evaluating heritage projects some evidence of understanding health and wellbeing outcomes The fee available for this work is £9,300 (inclusive of VAT and expenses) ​ Deadline for applications is 12.00pm, Monday 14th February 2022 ​ Full details are available here including background information and how to apply. More information We Need Your Support Today! Donate

  • Bishop Auckland Heritage | Northern Heartlands

    Bishop Auckland heritage Back to projects Bishop Auckland Heritage Trail "On the Map" co-created by textile artist Gillian Arnold with local schools and members of the community BISHOP AUCKLAND HERITAGE TRAIL.pdf CLICK IMAGE FOR BISHOP AUCKLAND HERITAGE TRAIL AUDIO Scan this QR code to find out more about Bishop Auckland history and heritage We Need Your Support Today! Donate

  • Our Mission | Northern Heartlands

    Our Mission... ... is to engage and support local people and communities by using creativity to develop agency, build social capital and foster individual potential. Communities and the artists we work with are at the heart of what we do. We know that people are the real experts in where they live, the issues they face and what needs to change, so we always start by listening. We trust in the skills and knowledge of creative practitioners because we have seen the incredible results, both artistically and for the lives of people who take part. We are committed to supporting the careers of artists in our region. The principles that guide us are set out below, with creativity at the heart of what we do. Our process is a circle because we know that change takes time and trust is hard to earn – so we are in it for the long term with the people, places and artists we work with. We are experimental, we are always trying to learn from successes and failures, and we share that learning. We want to extend understanding between people and across sectors. Our Vision OUR VISION is for strong, connected, and healthy communities, where people are actively involved in shaping their lives and their environment. We strive to achieve our Vision and Mission by: ​ Recognising that each place we work in, and each community we work with, is unique ​ Working with creative practitioners in everything we do ​ Ensuring we always work collaboratively with communities ​ Always reviewing, learning from, and adapting our approach and sharing our learning with others ​ Supporting artists and creative practitioners to reach their full potential ​ Working in partnership Our Way of Working Our Values WE WILL BE: ​ COMMITTED to what we do, to each other and to those we work with ​ TRUSTED by each other and by those we work with ​​ DIGNIFIED in our own actions and by respecting the dignity of everyone we work with ​ AMBITIOUS for ourselves, for our organisation and the places, the communities, and the individuals we work with ​ AUTHENTIC in all of our actions ​ HUMBLE in respecting and valuing the opinions and beliefs of others Our Way of Working We Need Your Support Today! Donate

  • Events | Northern Heartlands

    Events No events at the moment We Need Your Support Today! Donate

  • What We Do | Northern Heartlands

    About us Northern Heartlands is a charity based in County Durham bringing the creativity of artists together with individuals, community groups, schools and partner organisations. Together, we create performances, activities and events that change how people feel about themselves, the places where they live, and what happens there. We work with people living in the deeply rural areas of Teesdale and Weardale, and with the post-industrial towns and villages of the former Durham coalfield. Current projects include health and wellbeing activities to support people living with poor mental health (including social prescribing), a town-wide community heritage project, and a partnership project protecting endangered plants in Teesdale. Read about our current projects here . “You brought what I think was a broken community back together - I have never felt so proud in my life” (Audience Member) We recognise that wider change is needed, so we also play a strategic role facilitating better communication and networking between the arts and non-arts sectors, and helping partner organisations improve their engagement with people in communities. Partners and stakeholders have included the Failte Ireland, Town & Country Planning Association, Tees, Esk & Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust, Visit County Durham, Natural England and the North Pennines AONB Partnership. “What sets Northern Heartlands apart is artists using non-traditional ways to engage with communities and help tease out information. The project supports our Conservation 21 aim of putting people and their values at the heart of environmental projects” (Natural England Conservation 21 Case Study) We believe strongly in ‘co-production’ – working with people and artists to develop the projects, activities, and events they want. This means we don’t always know what the end will be when we start. We also believe that high quality arts, culture and heritage should be available to all. That's why we take our activities, performances and exhibitions out to where people are, whether that’s a village hall, town green, community centre, online or even someone’s front doorstep. We Need Your Support Today! Donate

  • Thriving Communities | Northern Heartlands

    thriving communities Back to Social Prescribing Between May 2021 and June 2022 we ran a social prescribing project called ‘NOW’ - a programme of activities helping to support those living with anxiety, depression, loneliness or mental health issues. It was funded by the National Academy for Social Prescribing and Arts Council England’s pioneering ‘Thriving Communities Fund' We worked with three delivery partners: Jack Drum Arts , TCR The Hub and UTASS. Over the course of the programme, our partners delivered more than 130 activity sessions including canoeing, nature walks, dancing, filmmaking, creative writing, arts, and crafts, helping with community events and sometimes just getting together for a cup of tea and chat. Read the full evaluation report here. What is Social Prescribing? Find out here Project Gallery UTASS UTASS Jack Drum Arts UTASS 1/21 Thank you to our generous Funders: We Need Your Support Today! Donate

  • Arts & Culture | Northern Heartlands | Barnard Castle

    We believe in the creative power of communities to bring about change. Our Mission Current Projects Our work is made possible by: Our vision is for strong, connected, and healthy local communities, where people are actively involved in shaping their lives and their environment Support Us And help our communities Donate Now Community member "Thank you for making this fab event happen."

  • Podcast | Northern Heartlands

    Podcast Brianna & Madison Hosting Inspiring Women

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