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Setting The Scene

Setting the scene is an Artist Residency in Coundon and Witton Park. 


As part of this residency, artists Ronan Devlin and Dominic Smith will set up space in community centres where you can come along and help form a creative community. It will be practical and involve creating audio content, recording the sounds in the environment, hosting interviews, recording musicians, and working towards making a radio broadcast. It will also involve making zines (small self-made books), posters, stickers and badges to create a scene that celebrates local culture.


It forms part of our Creative Catalysts project that explores approaches and the features of practice that enable community connection.

There are two parts to Setting the Scene:

  • "Radio On" - exploring the audio ecology of both villages from brass bands to industry to the environment capturing sounds and stories across the generations.  The material created will inspire the second part of the project as well as encouraging collaboration, building new skills and sparking imagination.

  • "Start the Press" - creating badges, stickers, posters and zones.  These are not just random pieces of paper but invitations to join the conversation and a way for us to work together, developing ideas and themes.  Together we will create art that speaks to and represents the community identity.

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