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External Evaluator
Teesdale Special Flora - Plants on the Edge

Teesdale Special Flora Trust is offering the opportunity to tender for the external evaluation of its project ‘Plants On The Edge’ funded by the Green Recovery Challenge Fund.

The external evaluator will liaise closely with project partners and project officers and will report periodically to the Teesdale Special Flora Steering Group.

The evaluator will assess the impact of the project against the following outcomes:

  • A wider range of people will be involved in nature

  • Heritage will be in a better condition

  • Heritage will be identified and better explained

  • People will have developed skills

  • People will have learnt about heritage, leading to change in ideas and actions


A fee of £9000 is available inclusive of VAT and expenses.

Closing date for applications is 12.00 pm, Monday 14th February 2022

A full brief including how to apply is available here.

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